About Clara Brownell Middle School

Clara Brownell Middle School, the home of the Umatilla Vikings, educates approximately 320 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. Located in the middle of the city, CBMS serves all the middle grade students from the Umatilla area.

Clara Brownell Middle School focuses on educating students for life. The school’s academics consist of core classes of reading, math, science  and language arts which are all mandated state testing areas.  We also offer a social studies class, special education classes and ELL classes for students gaining proficiency in learning English and learning more about our world around us.  PE, music and a middle school exploratory class focusing on healthy choices are also offered to students to broaden their horizens for life opportunities.  The typical day includes 8 periods and also includes a benchmark class that reinforces skills in order for students to be successful on state testing areas.

Clara Brownell offers an after school program to help reinforce skills and provide core subject area tutoring by our own staff.  Students who attend 30 or more sessions during the year demonstrate growth in their academics as well as state testing areas.  This program is taught by our regular teaching staff who know our students and know their needs.  All students receive a hearty snack and a ride home after the program ends at 4:00 P.M.

Clara Brownell Middle School developed these shared beliefs for the students, staff, parents and the community we serve:

School Motto:

Challenging, Believing, Motivating, Succeeding

  • Challenging every student to do their very best at all times is a keygoal in our educational environment.
  • Believing every student is capable of learning is key in our school environment. Teachers and staff provide programs andservices which make learning meaningful and relevant.
  • Motivating every student to do his or her very best is another key to achieving oureducational goals.
  • Succeeding as a student and as a member of our school, community and society isessential in our learning environment.